Buspar (Buspirone)

Brand Name: Buspar

Generic Name: Buspirone

Manufacturer/Agent: Bristol-myers

Formulation: tabs

Strength: 10mg

Pack size: 100

Trade Price: KES 6,370.00

Retail Price: @ KES 85.00

Class: Anxiolytics/sedatives/hypnotics/neuroleptics (CNS agents)

Mechanism of Action:


Molecular Formulae:

Precautions: Epilepsy. severe renal or hepatic impairment. pregnancy and lactation.

Indications/Uses: Short-term use in anxiety; 5-10mg bd-tid.

Interactions: Reduced effcet with phenytoin, crabamazepine, phenytoin use.

Side Effects: Dizziness. sedation. headache. confusion. dry mouth. insomnia. lightheadedness. palpitations.