Allerex (Chlorpheniramine)

Brand Name: Allerex

Generic Name: Chlorpheniramine

Manufacturer/Agent: Essential Pharma

Formulation: syp

Strength: 4mg/5ml 100ml

Pack size: 1

Trade Price: KES 100.00

Retail Price: @ KES 133.33

Class: Antihistamines (Respiratory system drugs)

Mechanism of Action:


Molecular Formulae: C16H19ClN2.C4H4O4 = 390.9

Precautions: Hypersensitivity. mao inhibitor use.

Indications/Uses: Symptoms of allergic rhinitis, allergic skin disorders, as adjunct in anaphylactic reactions; 4mg tid.

Interactions: Increased drowsiness with cns depressants.

Side Effects: Drowsiness. impaired reaction. dizziness. nausea. dry mouth.