Zerit (Stavudine)

Brand Name: Zerit

Generic Name: Stavudine

Manufacturer/Agent: Bristol-myers

Formulation: caps

Strength: 40mg

Pack size: 56

Trade Price: KES 540.00

Retail Price: @ KES 0.00

Class: Antiretrovirals (Anti-infectives)

Mechanism of Action:

Synonym: D4t

Molecular Formulae: C10H12N2O4 = 224.2

Precautions: Care in history of peripheral neuropathy, hepatomegaly or renal impairment.

Indications/Uses: Nucleoside reverse transriptase inhibitor used with other agents in hiv infection; 30 or 40mg bd, with plenty of water.


Side Effects: Peripheral neuropathy. pancreatitis. gastro-intestinal upset. chest pain. dyspnoea. dizziness. insomnia. chills.