Nogluc (Glibenclamide)

Brand Name: Nogluc

Generic Name: Glibenclamide

Manufacturer/Agent: Cosmos Ltd

Formulation: tabs

Strength: 5mg

Pack size: 28

Trade Price: KES 75.00

Retail Price: @ KES 3.57

Class: Sulphonylureas (Endocrine system drugs)

Mechanism of Action: Stimulate insulin production, and on long-term use may have extrapancreatic effect. only useful when some beta-cell activity is intact.


Molecular Formulae: C23H28ClN3O5S = 494.0

Precautions: Severe renal or hepatic impairment. ketoacidosis. porphyria. pregnancy.

Indications/Uses: Non insulin-dependent diabetes; 2.5-15 mg daily.

Interactions: Sulphonamides, salicylates, mao inhibitors, oral anticoagulants, aspirin, alcohol, rifampicin may enhance effect.

Side Effects: Skin rashes. gastro-intestinal upset.