Melgesic (Meloxicam)

Brand Name: Melgesic

Generic Name: Meloxicam

Manufacturer/Agent: Aegis Ltd

Formulation: tabs

Strength: 7.5mg

Pack size: 10

Trade Price: KES 250.00

Retail Price: @ KES 33.33

Class: Nsaids (Musculoskeletal agents)

Mechanism of Action:


Molecular Formulae: C14H13N3O4S2 = 351.4

Precautions: Peptic ulcer. hypersensitivity to nsaids. severe hepatic impairment.

Indications/Uses: Rheumatoid arthritis, acute exacerbations of osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis 7.5-15mg od, after food.

Interactions: Oral anticoagulants. lithium. methotrexate. cholestyramine.

Side Effects: Gastro-intestinal upset. skin reactions. blood dyscrasias. cns or cardiovascular effects.tinnitus. headache. rash.